Welcome to Friends of Flood Park

Friends of Flood Park needs friends like you!

Friends of Flood grew from the seed of community support that was planted in the spring of 2011 when Flood Park was slated to be closed indefinitely. Flood Park’s neighbors and friends rallied to support the park and persuade local officials of the park’s value to the community. This grass roots movement blossomed into a formal organization focused on ensuring Flood Park’s future and preserving its rich offerings of spaces to play, spaces to explore, spaces to relax and observe all that natural Menlo Park has to offer. Friends of Flood Park was created to generate funding and support for projects and programs that enhance and supplement the recreational, environmental, educational and leisure activities offered in Flood Park’s beautiful 21 acres in Menlo Park, California. We are the only San Mateo County Parks organization solely dedicated to supporting a bright future for Flood Park!


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